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Hello and welcome to the cloud.


A movable 'thought bubble' that expresses the importance of collective communication while also celebrating diversity and inclusion. This exhibition is a one-of-a-kind collaborative design that connects viewers, students, artists, and teachers through our desire to be heard and expressed through art.

Voice. Non-verbal. Written. Visual. Listening. 

Conversation Cloud Exhibition - A Collaboration of Artistic Perspective.
Aiden Lee

Conversation Cloud Exhibition - A Collaboration of Artistic Perspective.

Listen in on the conversation

This all-encompassing art installation includes a variety of mediums for viewers to enjoy. From the bold and bright colours to the fine textures and braille, and even the sense of smell!

Click here to listen to an original piece of poetry titled 'Life- Creation' by Exhibition leader Aiden Lee to help you navigate the various pieces in the gallery.

Life - CreationAiden Lee
listen in

Join the conversation

"I had this idea for a project where I could combine my passion for teaching and collaborate with 5 students from the Peel District School board - to create an abstract conversation cloud that focuses on expression, conveying the importance of passing information from one to another, in groups, as a community, in our world. 

To shine the light on autism, our amazing differences, strong voices and the need to invite everyone in our neurodiverse universe...into the conversation."

- Aiden Lee, Artist & Exhibition Leader


Visit the exhibition

Where is the exhibition being housed?


Peel District School Board

5650 Hurontario Street 

You are welcome to visit during open hours to view the exhibition in the lovely open and sunny atrium area.

Visit th exhibition
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