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Art from the heart

In 2017 I started an initiative aimed at volunteering to teach and inspire 150 students for Canada’s sesquicentennial. Since then ‘Art From the Heart’ has grown to huge leaps and bounds!


I have shared my passion for art and advocacy for the neurodiverse community with over 5040 students of all abilities all over Ontario and have expanded my classes to a virtual setting to include communities worldwide.

Community-Care Art Sessions

As an artist with autism, intimately connected to the quest for representation, my mission is to illuminate the transformative power of art within our community.

Each ‘Art From The Heart’ community session is tailored for all-ability artists in special-needs classes and organizations, and the best part—they’re completely FREE.

Art From the Heart


Discover the power of art and unleashing your own emotions onto the canvas during engaging creativity workshops and inspired art classes.


This is a fantastic opportunity for your organization or group’s team building in an engaging and educational setting.

Guided Art Journey

Embark on a Guided Art Journey that goes beyond traditional art lessons. Join me, and whether you're an individual or a group, immerse yourself in a unique artistic experience shaped by my perspective as an individual with autism. Together, we'll explore diverse techniques, uncover the richness of art history, and participate in various creative activities. Throughout the session, you'll receive personalized guidance, and by the end, you'll have a finished piece of art.

Sessions are priced at $150.00 each (60 minutes, excluding materials). Additional charges apply for materials per person.

It's more than just creating art; it's about unlocking the limitless potential inherent in every artistic journey.

Private workshops



Do you know what I think? I think everyone has the ability to tap into their inner artist, even if they don’t know it yet. The kids, youth and adults I have met have this amazing inner power, like a giant sun that burns deep inside and all they need is a guide that will encourage them to explore and have fun with Art.


So check out my free inspiration videos and let’s see your creativity emerge!

Virtual lessons
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