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ABout me


Hi guys

My name is Aiden Lee. I am an abstract painter, teacher and human advocate. I was born with multiple diagnoses; Autism, ADHD, Anxiety.

One of the challenges I faced made it difficult to communicate and express my thoughts and feelings with those around me. 


That is when I found art.


For the first time, I was able to express myself fully and it changed my life. I use different styles and mediums to create bright, bold colours, with a blend of different textures which inspire the mind, body and soul.

Did you know?

My artwork is featured on the cover of the Ontario Government's Autism Parent Resource Kit

From 2017-2022 I have taught over 4200 students in my Art From the Heart initiative. Teaching the power of art and unleashing your emotions on the canvas.

I received the 2017 YMCA Peace Medal Award for my work in the community, advocating for people with special needs through the power of art.

I created the ‘2019 Community Spirit Awards’ for the town of Oakville. Celebrating community leaders that impact positive change.

Ontario parliament is home to a mixed media art piece - entitled ‘Leaf in Canada’.

The painting, ‘Evolution’ resides in Temple Grandin's home in Boston, Massachusetts. 

I received the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Community Service Award for my significant contributions to the communities. 

The Iroquois Ridge Library in Oakville, Ontario is home to a 6 ft. canvas, entitled, ‘Story time’, combining recycled library books and mixed media materials.

Special Olympics Sweden is home to a piece that I did in collaboration with Dr. Frank Hayden, the Founder of Special Olympics.

My short film, 'My Side of the Spectrum' won the Inaugural Sandra Carpenter ReelAbilities Toronto Film Festival Student Film Award.

The power of art

In 2017, I started an initiative aimed at volunteering to teach and inspire 150 students for Canada’s sesquicentennial. Since then ‘Art From the Heart’ has grown to huge leaps and bounds!


I have brought the power of art to over 4200 students all over Ontario and have expanded my classes to a virtual setting to include communities worldwide. 

I teach everyone to take their emotions and throw them onto the canvas. Art encourages communication and healing and I get to see just how much impact it has on people's lives every single day.

Artist Aiden Lee hugging his knees

my side of the spectrum

Develop your own creativity, unleash your emotions and participate in a hands-on art class.

Inspire your community, raise awareness and ignite human advocacy with a dynamic speaker.

Work with me to develop your one-of-a-kind custom designed paintings, artwork and experiences.

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