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Take a walk through the different levels and stages, become an idea and travel your way through my brain and see

what you become on the other side. 


​I invite you to start...PROCESSING.

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Emotions are like water, strong currents that can drag you down and lift you up. 


Always flowing. 

Capturing the essence of emotion and sealing them in encaustic, Sugi Ban, and 3D colour. I invite you to flow with me through the emotions exhibition.


Hearts Matter

From 2 years to 92 years, teen artist Aiden Lee has inspired over 100 hearts to add to a beautiful community installation called, “Hearts Matter.” 


Each colourful heart rendition is presented on a 6”by 6” canvas that takes the viewer on an emotional journey of how all our hearts would look if captured in colours, shape and design. 

Hearts Matter

Do you hear that?

The Oakville YMCA offers a peek into the hearts of the community and allows the viewer to see the beauty in the collective. ‘Hearts matter’ From our physical dedication to keeping our hearts healthy to the awareness of acceptance, that we all have hearts that deserve, respect, love and protection. 

‘Do you hear that? Something slow and constantly making a beat. It seems to be getting faster and faster and getting louder and louder. I wonder what it is... An animal? A human? Something not from here? I can’t seem to recognize what it is. But it has a feeling, a warm and safe feeling. A feeling that makes me feel like I belong.


Maybe this beat is for me...maybe it’s for everyone.

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