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Hi Guys

I'm Aiden Lee.


I'm an abstract painter, educator, and advocate. Born with Autism, ADHD, and Anxiety, I faced challenges in communication until I discovered art, which changed my life.

Explore My Art

Did You Know?

Fun Fact

My artwork was on the cover of the Government of Ontario's Autism Parent Resource Kit.

Fun Fact

My art is displayed in notable locations like: Ontario Parliament, Temple Grandin’s home, and Special Olympics Sweden.

Fun Fact

I’ve taught over 6800 students through my free Art From the Heart initiative.

Fun Fact

My short film, 'My Side of the Spectrum' won the Inaugural Sandra Carpenter ReelAbilities Toronto Film Festival Student Film Award.

Fun Fact

I received the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Community Service Award and YMCA Peace Medal Award.

Fun Fact

I created the ‘2019 Community Spirit Awards’.  Celebrating community leaders whose impact creates positive change.

Inside the studio

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