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Meet the artist

My name is Aiden Lee, a passionate abstract painter, educator, and devoted advocate for humanity. Since my birth, I have carried the extraordinary gifts of Autism, ADHD, and anxiety. Rather than letting these labels define me, I embrace them as vibrant brushstrokes that add depth and richness to my already colorful world.

Through my art, created with a blend of mixed mediums, I unleash a visual tapestry that reflects my unique perspective from within the spectrum. It is my heartfelt aspiration to inspire and ignite positive transformation in those who engage with my work.

As both an artist and an advocate, my purpose is to empower change and foster a more inclusive society. I passionately believe that art has the remarkable power to shape perceptions, challenge stereotypes, and cultivate empathy.

Together, let us advocate for positive change and celebrate the richness that exists in every corner of our chromatic world.


Make it custom

Are you looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind peace to add to your home? 

  • Art adds a human touch to a home.

  • Art allows you to express yourself and promotes dialogue.

  • Art helps us in validating and recognising our emotions.

  • Art pushes us to grow and expands our horizons.

  • Art shows us what is possible.

Check out my Art for Sale page or connect with me to commission a work of art created just for you.

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